It Happened

The blog has been collecting some dust recently, and I apologize for the lack of anything interesting to write about.

To catch up, I’ve been focusing on musky fishing and fly tying.  It started with a few big hooks.  From there, I was able to find some decent materials , and I really got into tying these big flies.  I even started experimenting with dying materials with cool aid and rit dye…

This made things even more fun and interesting, and really allowed me to get some cool color combinations…but that’s a whole other blog post in itself.  To sum things up, I started putting some time in on some local water where I knew these fish lived; but getting them to show themselves proved to be a challenge to say the least.  The next pic sums up my first few trips pretty well…

old rotten shoe

This morning started like each of the past few skunkings.  I met a buddy at a local lake, and we did some scouting.  The bait guys were catching panfish and the occasional bass, despite the cold front which pushed through the day before.  It took us some time, but we found a shallow flat where some small bluegills and perch were schooled up and biting.  I’ll admit to being the first one to get a little bored though…I suggested we check out some nearby trout water before I had to hit the road.

I walked to the shoreline for a break and out of the corner of my eye, I notice a splash nearby in the flat.  “Musky!” my friend yells.  The splash wasn’t huge, but I grabbed the big rod and rigged up a white Beauford.  First cast lands in the same area we saw the splash. I stripped only a few feet of line when suddenly the water ERUPTS beneath my fly.  I set the hook and nothing…swing and a miss.  I think my heart and my jaw dropped simultaneously.  I bring in the fly and make a few more casts to the same spot…and no shit…the fish swirls again.  But this time the musky was hooked, and pulling like a freight train.  Naturally today was the first day I left my 10wt home because my 8wt already had floating line rigged up.  It pulled hard, but I was able to get the fish close.

The fish was at my feet when the hook popped out of the its mouth.  Luckily the musky wasn’t too pissed off…I was able to grab it and lift it up for a few shots.

Once back in the water, the fish swam off.  I don’t think I stopped shaking for 15 minutes; and it was easily the coolest fishing experience I’ve had.  I was extremely fortunate today, and you can bet I’ll be spending my free time chasing more of these beasts.

Until next time…


7 comments on “It Happened

  1. Garrett P. says:

    Awesome fish! Congrats!

  2. Lou Yurkanin says:

    Great Catch and equally great story!!! A Big Congrats.. it was worth the wait!!

  3. Beer Trout says:


  4. erdosy says:

    HOLY AWESOME! congrats man, I just took a break from tying some musky flies (trying to get my first), nice to see a local guy get one!

  5. jayflies says:

    Thanks everyone! It was an unreal day on the water, and I’m lucky to have been in the right place at the right time. Especially lucky I had a partner there as well…there’s a good chance I would have already moved on to a new spot(too soon, that is).

  6. Brad Bohen says:

    Sweet story! Congrats you made ol Beauford proud;)

    • jayflies says:

      The man himself!

      Brad, I owe you a huge thanks for all the info I’ve picked up from things you posted online. I can say, without a doubt, that this day wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

      I plan on making a trip up to the Northwoods as soon as I can swing it; but until then, keep on rocking out.

      Thanks again!

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