Steelheading…a First

My dad and I hit the road early monday morning to take a stab at some steelhead fishing on the Salmon River.  Neither of us had any experience chasing steelhead, so we really had no clue what we were up against.  The short version of the story…the trip was great and the weather was mild; but the fishing was poor.  We saw a few fish caught, but neither one of us had a hookup over our two night stay.  Our guide Jake was a great help during our float on Tuesday…we both learned a ton.

Our lack of success was a bummer, but now I want to go back…I’m determined.

Anyway, here are a few pics from the trip.  Enjoy.

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Para-Loop Midge

I  joined another fly swap on paflyfish and needed to pick a pattern to tie.  The tricky part was that there was no real theme to the swap, so I could tie absolutely anything I wanted.  This proved tougher than I had imagined.  But I was able to combine a few techniques to tie something I thought would be appropriate for the cold weather which is now upon us.

The one “major,” reliable hatch on my local trout stream is midges; and I learned last winter that these tiny bugs can provide some of the best fishing of the year.  Griffith’s gnats have always been my go-to midge pattern, but I had an idea for a new pattern to try.  Now its kind of a pain (and probably unnecessary) to tie a #20 para-loop; but it wound up looking pretty good…especially in the water.



Hook: # 20 scud

Body: 8/0 UNI – Black

Wing: Grizzly tied in a para-loop

Thorax: Muskrat



Craft Store Goodness

This past weekend, I found myself browsing the craft store for anything on the cheap that I could use to tie flies.  I wanted to make a fly box I saw on another site, but they didn’t have the stuff I wanted.  Regardless, they did have an abundance of embroidery yarn…

…which is perfect for making sucker spawns.

The mini steel box is coming along  nicely.

Brigantine/AC Salt – 12/4/11

I hit the road early again this morning…this time, the destination was Brigantine and Atlantic City in NJ. Quick version…it was a perfect morning, but I didn’t catch (or see anyone catch) a single fish all morning.

Obligatory Sunrise Shot - Brigantine Beach, NJ

Brigantine beach was first.  I drove to the north side of the island, parked, and hiked a few hundred yards up the beach.  The water looked very fishy, especially near a deep trench which formed a small sandbar.  Conditions weren’t quite right  at the time, but I could practically picture the fish cruising in close for bait struggling in the current.  Anyway,  it was tough to cast beyond the breakers, and I wasn’t very confident in the spot; so I packed up and drove south into AC.

Here, I parked near a construction site on Vermont Ave., hoping I could find some luck at the spot the previous world record striper was caught.  The first thing I noticed was the amount of stray cats roaming around…then I saw the sign…

The beach here was pretty quiet.  I talked to one other bait fisherman at the jetty, but I was able to easily share the water.  But once again, I didn’t get a bump.  Wrong tide?  Who knows…

Vermont Jetty

Smaller Jetty and Steel Pier

Revel - Coming along nicely

Next Jetty to the South

Steel Pier - From the Jetty in the First Pic

Skunked this time; but thanks to my awesome girlfriend, I’ll be back in two weeks for my birthday weekend.  Hopefully more fish will be around to help celebrate…we shall see.