Steelhead Stonefly


# 8 Caddis/Scud Hook

Black Thread

Tail: Black Goose Biots

Abdomen: Black Goose Biot

Rib: Copper Wire

Weight: Lead wire

Thorax: Black/Pearl Estaz

Wings: Black Goose Biots

In other news, it seems the Schuylkill river can’t catch a break…



Dear Irene…Part 2

You turned out to be a complete bust.

“This ain’t so bad…”

Boathouse Row / Fairmount Dam

I’m a little disappointed, but hopefully this means I can fish sooner than I had originally hoped.  Here are some more of the days ties…

Hang Time



Carp Fly


Thread: Light brown monocord

Hook: #8 scud

Tail: Partridge and brown sili legs

Body: Slate Drake dubbing, spun in loop around eyes.

Hackle: Partridge

Eyes: Lead dumbell


Earthquake = Early Dismissal + Fishing

Well, the earth gave the east coast a scare yesterday…enough so that my building got evacuated around 3pm…nice.  While experts attribute the rumbling to a 5.9 earthquake in the DC area, I have my own theories…


…you decide.

Luckily, I turned my early dismissal into a couple hours of fishing.  I scouted a couple new spots along the Wissahickon and found some fishy looking spots.  The creek was still flowing a bit high, but I found one taker…he was hungry for crayfish.

Musky Country: Zero 2 Hero

Yeah yeah, I know this film has been out since early this year.  But I finally pulled the trigger and bought a copy last week, and I can’t believe I waited this long.  Between the production quality, the story being told, and umm….the badass musky fishing by the guys from Musky Country Outfitters, this was a great watch.

Not to mention, the filmmaker, Robert Thompson, included a personal note with the movie, thanking me for the support.  This may not seem like a big deal, but I doubt every other filmmaker does the same.  So on the off chance that he reads this…thank you Robert, and keep up the awesome work!

Check out his site and his videos…you won’t be disappointed.