New Toys

Well its been two weeks and unfortunately, I still don’t have much interesting going on.  I fished the Little Lehigh two weeks ago and got skunked…went to the Wissahickon one evening last week and lightning chased me off the water after maybe five casts.  Spend the weekend in Ocean City MD, which was awesome; but fishing wise, its been an uneventful couple of weeks if you ask me.

But I do bring some positive news.  After saving up for some time, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a new setup for the bigger fish.  The rod is a Scott A2 908 (9′ 8 weight), but that’s still in the shipping process, so unfortunately I don’t have a pic yet.  The reel, on the other hand, I purchased monday night…and damn is it pretty. 

Pflueger Trion 1990

In two weeks I’ll be on vacation in NC, so I’m hoping to give it a workout when I’m there.  And if I’m lucky and get the rod by this weekend (doubtful), I know a few spots where some hefty carp hang out…I’ll surely post a report wherever I end up. 

Until then, I’ll been tying some saltwater and other oversized flies in hopes of what I might encounter with my new toy.

Brad Bohen’s Hang Time

It came out nice for a first attempt…still on the small side for a musky fly though…I blame the fashion industry for my lack of longer saddles.  I’ve already got few other color combos in mind too, so I’ll post those once I whip a few up.


Foam Flies!

To continue on my last post, here are a couple more bass bugs…this time it’s a topwater theme.  Hoping to hit the water soon with all of these.

Crease Fly

Gartside Gurgler

Sunday Morning TR

After starting my new job last week, I’ve been falling behind on my writing here.  I’ve been tying up some new patterns, In hope of chasing some warmwater fish in the upcoming weeks; but I dont have any pics yet, so I’ll have to post some of these later.  I did get to do a little fishing this past weekend though.

Early Sunday morning, I ventured to my new favorite spot along Valley Creek.  I did more exploring than anything, and I found a bunch of cool spots pretty deep into the woods.  My lack of stealthiness, however, caused me to spook more fish than I should have.  I wound up missing a bunch of strikes and landed only one litte wild brownie all morning.  The fish was pretty, but I’m more excited to check out the new spots I came across.